Stepping out of the Corner:
The End of the Flavin's Corner Columns

By R. D. Flavin


An deireadh

     It's been a Hell of a ride! Since beginning from 5-31-1997 to 11-6-1998 with The Greenwich Village Gazette, an online e-zine, to the start of, I've enjoyed each column immensely (though I'm sure others have had their fair share of complaints). The skinny is my health is failing fast and I need what week and months I have left to complete other projects. I'll continue my daily Zen Rickisms for a as long as I can. 430 columns, each a thousand words, with many reaching two and three thousand must surely stand as standard of writing stubbornness. BTW, I've made arrangements to keep Flavin's Corner online for the next ten years or so. As I've written about so many subjects I would suggest doing a Google Advanced Search (, for subject use a Boolean method, i.e., archaeology+Roman or “Roman Archaeology.” The '+' will guarantee only results with those two terms will be generated by the search engine and the quotes around words means search results will only produce words in that exact order. Next, under site or domain, type in:, and then hit the Advanced Search button. Google scholar also produces some of my work.

     The hyperlinks for Columns, Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Misc are also worth exploring. The Contact hyperlink page will only contain WHERE Flavin's Corner is registered. Please do not send any questions to this address, as my friend will not be able to answer any biographical questions, nor science, history, or the development of lettuce. The same goes with any names which have appeared in various columns – they won't be able to answer any personal or professional questions.

     Many of my columns and articles have concerned the infamous ex-Neo-Nazi, Frank 'Joseph' Collin, the ongoing Russell Burrows Cave Hoax, and some mention of state road geologist turned hyperdiffusionist, Scott Walker. Recently Jason Colavito ( has continued to criticize Scott Walker and pseudoscience in general.

     It's been and honor and a privilege to share so many words online. To my readers, thank you very much. And, now, as an example of some of the vitriol I've had to put up with, I'll share a video put out by Brian Harry Hubbard in response to my “2013 Burrows Cave Hoax Update”, along with the peer-reviewed publication against pseudoscience, Wilson, Joseph A. P.  2012. “The Cave Who Never Was: Outsider Archaeology and Failed Collaboration in the USA.” Public Archaeology.  11, 2: 73-95.